In Rokugan (a fictional empire which provides the setting for the Legend of the Five Rings collectible card game) the Crane is a clan of Samurai:

Excellence. All Crane strive for it — a fire that drives their every action. A Crane will not undertake an action if he cannot do it well, and this tradition of excellence has given them a reputation as the finest poets, artists, and duelists in the Empire. For many Cranes, life itself is art.

The Crane are descended from the followers of Doji, the most beautiful of Hantei’s siblings. Doji’s children have gone on to create the foundations of Rokugan’s culture. Many outside the Crane perceive the clan as arrogant or impractical, but from the Crane perspective these observers are either jealous or merely shortsighted. Those who do not share the Crane’s high standards can hardly understand why they do what they do. Likewise, few can seriously deny the stunning achievements of the Crane.

Cranes tend to have very high standards, both for themselves and others. Those who can meet or exceed those standards are worthy of respect. Those who fall short are not even worthy of attention.

es:Clan de la Grulla

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