Dungeons & Dragons creature
Crawling claw
Alignment Neutral
Type Undead
Source books
First appearance
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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game and various other fantasy settings, the crawling claw is an undead or construct creature which consists of the severed hand, paw, or claw of a deceased creature, animated to come alive. Its appearance is that of a severed hand which crawls on its fingers, not unlike the character Thing of The Addams Family. The crawling claw was introduced in the 1994 Monstrous Manual for the second edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

Crawling claws are created by necromancy and are often used as guards by their creators. Crawling claws attack by leaping at, punching, strangling, and scratching their enemies. Though sometimes solitary, they are often created and travel in groups, which are able to attack by overwhelming foes. Being small and silent, crawling claws also have the benefit of stealth. They may be able to open doors and pull levers and might also be used as laboratory assistants. Although not attached to a brain, crawling claws are nonetheless able to follow spoken and telepathic orders from their creator. They cannot speak, and are neutral in alignment.


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