Creature Catalogue
Code AC9
Rules Required D&D
Character Levels 1 - 36
Campaign Setting Generic
Authors Various
First Published 1986

AC9 - Creature Catalogue (TSR Item Code: 9173) is an "Official Game Accessory" for Dungeons & Dragons Basic/Expert/Compainon/Master Set. The accessory was compiled by Jim Bambra, Phil Gallagher & Graeme Morrisby and published by TSR in 1986. It is in the format of a shrinkwrapped 96-page perfect-bound book and may be sometimes called a module because of the format of its publishing despite it not containing an adventure.

In Creature Catalogue is collected all the creatures first presented in the official D&D adventure modules to that time, plus many new creatures. Also included is a comprehensive index of all D&D monsters found in the Basic, Expert, Companion and Master rulesets. This book in many ways performs the same function for early Dungeons & Dragons, as Monster Manual and Fiend Folio did for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

The listing of creatures in this book includes six categories: Animals, Conjurations, Humanoids, Lowlifes, Monsters, and Undead. Each creature is listed with appropriate D&D Statistics, an illustration and a short description of the creature, its abilities and tactics. A variety of authors and artists combined to the listings including Zeb Cook and Gary Gygax.

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