The Crone
The Crone
Grace Zabriskie as The Crone
First appearance:
      “Baby's First Demon
Last appearance:
      “Sense and Sense Ability
Created by: Brad Kern
Full name:Unknown
Species:Upper Level Demon; Seer
Affiliation:"Those in power" in the Source's absence; Kazi king
Notable family:Unknown
Notable powers:An upper level demon, The Crone could cast powerful spells and curses. Some of her onscreen powers were:
Portrayed by: Grace Zabriskie

The Crone is a fictional character in the WB television show Charmed.

Character background Edit

She first appears about half-way through season five.[1] Because of her ability to see the future, she foresees that Wyatt Halliwell, who is a baby at the time, would become a very powerful force when he grows up. She seems to go to any length to prevent attacks on Wyatt so that many demons are not destroyed. She even vanquishes some demons before they attempt to steal Wyatt's powers. A few episodes later, she steals the Charmed Ones' senses so she can get to Wyatt so she can put her hands on him and more clearly see his future. Eventually, they tap into their sixth sense so they can vanquish the Crone.[2]

References Edit

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