The Crystalmists are a fictional mountain range bordering the Dry Steppes with Geoff, Sterich, and Yeomanry in the Flanaess[1][2] the Greyhawk Campaign setting in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. The Crystalmists were the source of the Giant invasion Against the Giants: The Liberation of Geoff in Common Year CY 583/ Flan Tracking (FT) 2463.[3]

Fictional Culture ReferenceEdit

In the Living Greyhawk Campaign 2000-2008, the Geoff triad mentioned the crystalmists as a cultural reference:

Teithi tua mynythi (ta-hee-theh too-ah meh-neeth-ee, tr. goes to the mountains) Traditionally, this is not a nice thing to say about someone. Gyric common sense knows no wise or sane Gyri (gear-ri, tr. geoffite) would enter the Crystalmist mountains (because of the giants and other horrors that live there). Therefore, a person who acts particularly foolishly (or insanely) is someone who teithi tua mynythi. Since the invasion, though, some of the more impetuous and daring Gyri who raid our enemies in Gyruff have taken to calling themselves teithi tua mynythi as a term of honor.

The Crystalmist Mountains are the highest of the mountain ranges in the Flanaess, the highest peaks reaching to a height of well over 70,000 feet. They divide the Flanaess from the Baklunish West. The Hellfurnaces are the heavily volcanic southern portion of the same range.

The migration of the Suel people into the Flanaess, was through the Kendeen pass in a portion of the crystalmist mountains now called the Hellfurnaces

Ecology and inhabitantsEdit

Natives of the Crystalmist Mountains include frost, hill, and mountain giants, goblins, ogres, orcs, trolls, bugbears, white dragons, mountain lions, woolly mammoths, woolly rhinoceroses, and giant wolverines. There is a crystalline hive entity known as the crystalmist. Mountain dwarves mine these mountains for precious metals and gems, trading them with humans on both sides of the range. There are also groups of proto-human Neanderthals scattered throughout the Crystalmists.

Features and settlementsEdit

The Davish River begins at a strange glacier of astounding size where the Crystalmists meet the Jotens. The head of both the giant army, and the giant political structure, is a cloud giant organization called the 'Sakhut'. This Sakhut resides on a cloud giant castle in the crystalmist mountains.

Additional readingEdit


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