D.C. Follies was a syndicated situation comedy which aired from 1987-1989 and set in a Washington, D.C. bar, where bartender Fred Willard would welcome puppet caricatures of that day's politicians and celebrities. The humor tended to be on the satirical side, often taking potshots at politicians and the political process. In addition to the puppets, each episode brought a celebrity guest into the bar, with Martin Mull, Robin Leach, Bob Uecker, and Betty White appearing early on.

The show was believed to be inspired by the British series Spitting Image, but the satire in D.C. Follies was far less barbed, which may have contributed to its comparative lack of success. It was syndicated in many markets, although it often aired at odd hours (7:30pm in Los Angeles, but 1:30am in Washington, D.C.), making it difficult for the show to build a following. It was produced by Sid and Marty Krofft.

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