Devil Gundam Cells or DG Cells are fictional cells from the anime series Mobile Fighter G Gundam In the US dub their name was changed to Dark Gundam Cells.

DG Cells are cells taken from the armor of the JDG-009X Devil Gundam. Even though these cells are metal, they can interact with organic matter. The cells undergo mitosis and begin to take over the hosts body. This was how the Devil Gundam's ability to self-multiply was implemented.

Symptoms/Effects Edit

There are several symptoms and effects from a DG Cell infestation. One is metal plates appearing on the skin of the infected person. These plates become more numerous as the infection spreads. Another is increased aggressiveness. This was obvious with Saette Gyuzelle of Neo-Turkey. After being infected by the Devil Gundam during a battle, he went on a rampage and destroyed part of Istanbul.

Another sign is increased strength. Several Gundam Fighters became infected with DG Cells and gained new abilities and had all their other physical abilities enhanced. These effects seemed to have faded after the infestation was removed.

Also a person infected with DG Cells gains the three great theoretical abilities of the Devil Gundam. The self-recovery ability was especially powerful as these cells were able to reanimate the dead on several occasions.

All DG Cells that existed are believed to have been destroyed after Domon Kasshu of Neo-Japan was able to destroy the Devil Gundam after the 13th Gundam Fight ended in FC 60.

Persons/Mobile Suits infected Edit

This is a list of all known persons, Gundams, and mobile suits infected with DG Cells and how they were cured or if they were killed or destroyed.

  • Jean-Pierre Mirabeau and Mirage Gundam: Mirabeau cured by George de Sand, Gundam is presumed destroyed.

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