Dalian Hansen

Born April 06, 2006
Second Life, Metaverse
Occupation Virtual Author
Genres Science Fiction / Alternate Reality

Dalian Hansen is the avatar and pseudonym of an American photographer and creative director in the virtual worlds of Metaplace and Second Life.[1]

Biography Edit

In 2007 Dalian Hansen became the first virtual entity to write a complete work of fiction as a computer-simulated individual.[2] His entire book, ANIMA: a novel about Second Life was Avatar-typed within Second Life on a series of notecards. These electronic documents were then exported to real life where he spellchecked and polished the text.

Virtual History Edit

  • Creation (2006 April 04) - Avatar created in Second Life
  • Creative Director (2006) - monthly Second Life magazine, SLBusiness[3]
  • Co-Developer (2007) - data engine service
  • Creative Director (2007) - Tretiak Media LLC[4]
  • Architect (2007) - IBM[5] and ABN-AMRO Islands
  • Author (2007) - ANIMA: a novel about Second Life
  • Developer (2009) - Worlds[6]


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