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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the Death dog is a Magical Beast. Though originating in D&D, it has became a popular creature used in several different settings, some of which have nothing to do with D&D. It resembles a large, ugly, undead hound with two heads. Each head thinks independently, but they both have a penetrating double-bark. It is similar to a Hell hound (Dungeons & Dragons), Yeth hound, Shadow mastiff and Werewolf.

Characteristics and habits Edit

The Death dog is an evil creature which lurks in dark forests, deserted dungeons, barren wastelands and abandoned ruins, and it kills anyone it sees on sight. Though it can also attack with its teeth and claws, it has a preferred attack in the form of its disease-causing bite. The abominable disease kills the victim within just a few days, and then causes them to rise as a Zombie (Dungeons & Dragons). Only a disease curing spell can save them. Death Dogs, though somewhat unintelligent, are highly acknowledging and proud of all those that have died via their bite and risen as undead, and gloat over both them and their family and friends.

Death dogs are sometimes used by evil necromancers, power-mad rulers, demon lords, and other such malevolent beings to track down and slay rebels, criminals, escaped slaves or prisoners and the like. They also make good spies and assassins.

Death Dogs cannot speak, but understand both Undercommon and Abbysal.

They are neutral evil in alignment.

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