Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan

Virginia Hey as Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan on Farscape.

The Delvians are a fictional alien race in the Farscape universe.

Delvians are a sentient and mobile plant species with a humanoid form. Outwardly they have bluish white hair (or none at all), and colored skin as a result of chloroplast tintation. The skin is covered in yellow highlights that are stomata for the transpiration of water. They also have cartilaginous fibers instead of bone, tuperadinous cellulose tissue, and regenerative fascia membrane. Delvians are a long-lived race, with 800 cycles being the equivalent to mid-life.

Most Delvians follow what is known as the "Delvian Seek", a spiritual discipline with many metaphysical and spiritual rewards. Upon reaching a certain level of knowledge they are known as a Pa'u. Upon reaching full Pa'u status, Delvians acquire certain psychometric abilities with every new level attained. For instance, a level nine Pa'u can search someone's mind for troubles and share someone's pain, while a level ten can shield someone's mind from psychic torture. Some Pa'us can also inflict mental pain on other beings. It is also shown that they can hide their presence so that they cannot be seen and/or smelt.

As a plant species, Delvians have powerful experiences when exposed to strong solar energy. At least in Zhaan's case, these experiences are intensely sexual, and she refers to them as "photogasms".

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