Demon in the bottle
(O Monstro da Garrafa)
Directed by Randall William Cook
Produced by Vlad Paunescu
Starring Rahi Azizi
Ashley Tesoro
Lucian Cojocaru
Music by John W. Morgan
Cinematography Adolfo Bartoli
Distributed by Abril Vídeo (Brazil) (VHS)
Paramount Home Video (1996) (USA) (VHS)
Release date(s) 1996
Running time 85 minutes
Country Template:FilmUS
Language English

Demon in the Bottle is a 1996 family adventure film directed by Randall William Cook. Filmed on location in Bucharest, Romania, the film stars Rahi Azizi, Lucian Cojocaru, Ashley Tesoro and Michael Malota.

Plot Edit

Four teenagers find a lost treasure buried by a 18th century pirate on a desert island. But they accidentally release the monster who lives inside a bottle, keeping the treasure.[1][2][3]

Cast Edit

  • Rahi Azizi
  • Lucian Cojocaru
  • Michael Dubrow
  • Michael Malota
  • Ashley Tesoro
  • Franklin A. Vallette
  • Michael Walters


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