Forgotten Realms Deity
Title(s) Lord of All Glyphs and Images
The Scribe of Oghma
Homeplane House of Knowledge
Power Level Lesser
Alignment Neutral Good
Portfolio Literature, Art, Knowledge, Glyphs, Images, Cartography, Scholars
Superior Oghma

Deneir is a fictional Faerûnian minor deity of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

Deneir together with Oghma, Milil and Gond are known as the Deities of Knowledge and Invention.

Deneir answers the prayers of his organized priests, but he has also been known to choose a person who truly follows Deneir's ideals--to invent, to create, to learn. He himself seems to have a problem with some of his strictly-organized orders, whose devotion to a hierarchy and their duties impedes with his followers learning and inventing, to the point of their being little joy in their work. The two Chosen (Pertelope and Cadderly) shown so far were both more relaxed about rules and hierarchy, capable of teasing or joking with their more staid brethren. These two Chosen were granted direct access to divine spells, rather than having to study and pray for them and their god-given power exceeded that of older Deneiran priests.

Despite their generally laid back attitude, the teachings of Deneir also dictate that his followers create with a conscience and refrain from casually designing weapons of war or death.


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