Destiny of Souls is the title of the second book by Michael Newton published in 2000. Michael Newton is a Master Hypnotherapist who has developed his own "age regression" technique.

Summary Edit

In his second book, and through his groundbreaking research into the afterlife, Michael Newton has documented the more indepth results of his clinical work in spiritual hypnotherapy. These are presented in a form of case studies and uncover the hidden aspects of the spirit world, and provide a better understanding of the incredible sense of order within the afterlife[1].

Reception Edit

Publishers Weekly in their review said that this book was "a rich volume, chock-full of interviews and fascinating first-person narratives, this book is nonetheless not for the uninitiated; Newton sometimes fails to explain his terminology, so readers who do not know much about "lives between lives" may feel lost. More informed readers, however, will find this a feast, and Newton a charming host."[2]

Notes and references Edit

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  2. "forecasts: Nonfiction". Publishers Weekly Vol. 247 (Issue 17): p86. April 24, 2000. ISSN 00000019. 

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