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Disney Kidzone is a hoax listing of a supposed new Disney-owned TV channel that was added to several wikis, including TV Tropes, the Disney Channel wiki hosted at Wikia, and Wikipedia around the same time. In nearly all cases, it was removed immediately afterwards, but not before various wiki mirroring sites picked it up.

Part of the hoax ascertains that the channel "launched on May 21st, 2011", despite the hoax being created in early January of that year. Another example of how it is a hoax is the content -- Happy Tree Friends is listed as a pickup despite having blatant and graphic violence, Esper Mami is also listed despite that Japanese series having never been localized for the US, something that is unlikely at best due to Mami being a high school girl who frequently works as a nude model for her father.

The original pageEdit

Disney Kidzone! is an upcoming American children's digital cable and satellite television channel that launched on May 21, 2011. The channel, which replaced Disney XD. Disney Kidzone airs programming primarily aimed at children ages 6–16, drawing largely on the libraries of both parent companies. Disney Kidzone targets a dual audience, young children with original and acquired children's programs. The channel is available to approximately 60 million subscribers.

The channel launched at 8:00 am ET (7:00 am CT) on Saturday, May 21, 2011, taking over the Disney XD channel space after a final marathon of Pair of Kings. The first program aired on the channel was the Disney's animated series Fish Hooks. When children's cable network Disney Kidzone launches this Saturday, viewers will see an animated logo known as "Disney TV-Toon" and the start of Fish Hooks, which features 3 talking teenage fishes known as Milo, Oscar and Bea.

Current programmingEdit

This is a list of television programs that are currently or are soon to be broadcast by the U.S. Children's cable television channel Disney Kidzone.

Children's programmingEdit

Original animated programmingEdit

Acquired live-action programmingEdit

Disney animated programmingEdit

Acquired animated programmingEdit

Grownups' programming (Late-night programming)Edit

Comedy programmingEdit

Action programmingEdit

  • MacGyver (May 23, 2011–present) (TV-PG), (TV-14)
  • SeaQuest DSV (May 23, 2011–present) (TV-PG)
  • Werewolf (May 24, 2011–present) (TV-MA)
  • 24 (May 23, 2011–present) (TV-14)

Drama programmingEdit

Soap Opera programmingEdit

Movie presentationsEdit

  • Totally Disney's Friday Movie Midnight (May 27, 2011–present)
  • Toons' FLICKZ! (May 22, 2011–present)


Upcoming programmingEdit

Children's programmingEdit

Original animated programmingEdit

Acquired animated programmingEdit

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