"Don't Try This At Home"
Ghost Whisperer episode
Episode no. Season 3 (2007-2008)
Episode 2
Written by Laurie McCarthy, Teddy Tenenbaum
Directed by Ian Sander
Production no. 302
Original airdate Octorber 5, 2007
Episode chronology
← Previous Next →
"The Underneath" "Haunted Hero"
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"Don't Try This At Home" is the forty-sixth episode of the CBS television series Ghost Whisperer. The episode is also the second episode for the show's third season. It aired on Friday, October 5, 2007.

Episode RecapEdit

Melinda helps a group of college girls after one of their friends dies. The girls believe they are haunt of Bloody Mary's Ghost.

Cast Edit

Main Cast

Guest Stars

  • Courtnee Draper as Allison
  • Autumn Reeser as Sloane Alexander
  • Camille Chen as Jenna
  • Max Hoffman as Brian
  • Robert Garrova as Emo Boy
  • Cassius Willis as Campus Security Guard
  • Mae Whitman as Rachel Fordham
  • Stephanie Erb as Lisa Fordham
  • Kevin Kilner as Bill Fordham
  • Jayma Mays as Jennifer Bellings
  • Kris Lemche as Scott the Ghost
  • Afemo Omilami as The Archivist
  • Katy Boyer as Eliza Mumford
  • Rob Elk as Dr. Horace Mumford
  • Jessica Brooks Grant as Other Co-Ed


  • Ghost Whisperer on CBS's Website [1]

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