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Doodle God
File:Doodle god.jpg

Doodle God Splash Screen
Developer(s) JoyBits Ltd.
Publisher(s) JoyBits Ltd.
Platform(s) iOS (Apple), iPod Touch, iPhone OS, Adobe Flash
Release date(s) June 11, 2010 - iPhone
Genre(s) God game
Mode(s) Single player
Media Browser game, Digital distribution

Doodle God is a game made for the iPhone/iPod Touch then later released as a browser game. The Mobile version of the game was released on June 11, 2010. This game has also made it to the #1 top paid for app in Russia.[citation needed]

Gameplay Edit

In Doodle God, the player character is doodle god who created the planet using just fire, water, earth, and air. The god gets the idea to mix the four basic elements to create new ones. In the end there will be 14 categories of elements forming a total of 115 elements. There are also hints; a new hint becomes available every few minutes of gameplay.

Reception Edit

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Publication Score

Doodle God has received a positive reception from critics, press and most of players from both iOS (Apple) and Adobe Flash markets[citation needed].

Future development Edit

Once the game is beaten a screen comes up saying for future updates stating more elements and combining three elements at once.[citation needed]

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