Douglas Witter is a character on television series Dawson's Creek, played by Dylan Neal.

The firstborn son of Capeside sheriff, John Witter, Doug is an aspiring police officer and later sheriff. Like their father, Doug is extremely critical of his brother Pacey, who is nine years his junior (In season 1, Pacey is 15, Doug is 24). He takes every chance he gets to tell Pacey what a failure he is and takes pleasure in kicking Pacey while he's down. Doug's other family includes sisters, Carrie and Gretchen, and several nieces and nephews.

Throughout the whole series, Doug is in complete denial about his homosexuality, although Pacey takes every chance he gets to inform Doug of his denial. In fact, while Doug is keeping an eye on Tamara Jacobs and Pacey during a hurricane (season 1), he pulls his gun on Pacey upon realizing that he's told Tamara that he's gay.

Doug only admits he was only ever proud and adirable of Pacey when he was a chef in Boston. He also compliments Pacey on being a "daring original" (Season 4) and informs his kid brother that he was "born to break the rules, not inforce them."

When Pacey's ex-girlfriend, Audrey Liddell, crashes his car into Dawson's home, he asks Doug to make it go away and clear Audrey's name. Doug does what is asked of him, but still seems to look down on Pacey as a disappointment and a fake.

In the series finale, it is revealed that Doug was gay all along and is in a serious relationship with Jack McPhee. Although he is now officially "out of the closet", Doug is still embarrassed to be seen out in public with Jack, whom he's been in a relationship with for six months. When the two decide to part ways at Gail Leery's wedding, Jen's deadly illness puts things into perspective. While the gang learns that Jen is dying, Doug shows up with a bouquet of flowers for her and condolences for his ex-boyfriend. In the end, Doug and Jack reunite and agree to raise Jen's daughter, Amy, who has been left in Jack's care.

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