"Downtime" is a Moon Man song that appears as track 3 on The White Side of the Moon. Audrina Patridge has one line in the song, the first line, in which she tells Moon Man that an unnamed male is "looking at [him] funny". Moon Man then spends the song threatening that person and insulting minorities and retards.

Lyrics Edit

[Audrina] Moon Man, he is looking at you funny

If he does not stop I will fuck his mummy I do not fucking care If you are missing a pair Of chromosomes That is no excuse to hog up my air You are an imperfect being Like niggers and chinks If you get in my way I will fucking tear out your spleen You slow down the world With your retarded fucking ways Take a step back Or take a bullet to the fucking face Breathe out of your nose Just give it a shot You're fucking annoying And smell like used twat Oh shit, what just happened? Did you shit your pants? It is not a battle at this point It is just really sad You leave me no choice You are still in my way Moon Man to action Time to fucking melee I have dual machetes For slicing the tards And keeping heads on a rack Just to feed their dogs With the weight lifted on the world Their mom's are free to fuck I tell them my deed And my dick they suck After they are through And it is all said and done I ram them so hard They are glad I took their son No other creature Leaves the weak behind When retards arrive They just say see ya No reason to We should fuck them as well If they cannot survive in a ditch They were not useful anyway Moon Man Making the world a better place Revolutionizing the motherfucking human race Rid the disgrace And fill girls with my paste I have got a great taste Moon Man KKK

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