Chaplin TMNT

Dr. Chaplin

Dr. Chaplin is a fictional character of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, appearing in the 2003 animated series.

Introduced in the series' third season, the young, enthusiastic engineer is made the head of the Foot Clan's Science Division following the numerous failures and subsequent demotion of his predecessor and idol Baxter Stockman, much to Stockman's chagrin. Much of Chaplin's work is based on that of Stockman.

Upon his introduction Chaplin was in charge of retrieving Triceraton technology to use for the Foot and after designing more effective robotic drones than the ones Stockman had created, Chaplin was promoted to Stockman's old position as the chief of the Foot's Science devision by the Shredder despite that they were unable to defeat the Turtles.

Chaplin was also the captain of the Shredder's space vessel as it departed Earth's atmosphere to the Utrom homeworld. He expressed his enthusiasm for the job, not even bothered by Shredder's true Utrom identity. He continued to place faith in Dr. Stockman, who designed the ship's defenses, however, Stockman had betrayed them and sided with Agent Bishop, and shut down the defenses. His last appearance was where he would be sent back to Earth with Karai by the Utroms.

Dr. Chaplin resurfaces in the "Lost Season", again the head scientist of the Foot under Karai. He first appeared in an attempt to help Karai fight off the resurrected Tengu Shredder, who had come to destroy her. His subsequent appearances saw him helping the Turtles, Bishop, Karai, and their other allies in their campaign to defeat the Tengu. Chaplin was also responsible for designing special Mystic Tech weaponry, which are mainly made up of blasters, with a sword version made for Karai's use to fight the forces the Tengu Shredder after Karai learned of the threat against her after the Foot Mystics betrayal.

Upon The Shredder's defeat at the hands of the Turtles, Chaplin is last seen talking with Karai, who admits she wishes to only think about the immediate future and walks from the battlefield holding Chaplin's hand, returning, for the first time, his affections for her.

Dr. Chaplin is voiced by Sam Regal. He has appeared in 11 episodes:

  1. New Blood
  2. Mission of Gravity
  3. Hun on the Run
  4. Exodus Part 1
  5. Exodus Part 2
  6. New World Order Part 1
  7. New World Order Part 2
  8. Past Present
  9. Enter The Dragons Part 1
  10. Enter The Dragons Part 2
  11. Wedding Bells and Bytes

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