Dr. Peanut is a fictional character who appeared in the eighth season of Mystery Science Theater 3000, a comedy television series that mocks B-movies. Played by Michael J. Nelson (who also played the character of Mike), Peanut is a sapient, speaking gorilla from several hundred years in the future, an homage to the film Planet of the Apes. He assisted Professor Bobo in the ape laboratory on Earth and appeared in the episodes in which Mike, Crow and Tom Servo riffed Revenge of the Creature, The Leech Woman, The Mole People, and finally The Deadly Mantis, after which an atomic bomb at the Earth's core destroyed the planet and sent him to the year 2021, where he started a relationship with one of Mike Nelson's female descendents. Peanut was depicted as being less intelligent than Bobo, and, as a result, less-liked by Pearl.


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