In the game Dungeons & Dragons dromites are small monstrous humanoids with natural psionic ability. They stand about 3 feet tall and usually weigh slightly more than 30 pounds. They have iridescent compound eyes. Dromites typically wear heavy boots and light clothing, and are sometimes content with just a sturdy harness. Most dromites encountered outside their homes are warriors.

The race comes from the D&D source book Expanded Psionics, a 3.5 edition book. This is one of the first races outlined in the book, and has various racial abilities. One being the chitin that it creates, giving it a natural armor bonus, as well as a minor resistance to certain energy attacks. As a naturally race, the Dromite gets a bonus to it's Power Points. The dromite actually has antenae on it's head, that allow it the scent and blind fight feats. For more information, look for an SRD, or look through the Expanded Psionics book.

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