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In Dungeons & Dragons fantasy, the duergar, or gray dwarves are a cruel and evil subrace of dwarves.



Duergar typically make their homes in the Underdark.

Typical physical characteristicsEdit

The duergar are very similar in appearance to surface dwarves, but have distinct pale gray skin, very fair hair, and bright eyes. Duergar usually dress in drab clothing that matches the color of stone.


Duergar are usually hard-hearted lawful evil.


The core Expanded Psionics Handbook and the open System Reference Document identify Duergar as naturally psionic, with a racial bonus to their power points. Psi-like abilities include invisibility and expansion.


The duergar alternate between working in concert with the drow and being at odds with them, as the drow believe themselves superior even to the duergar. Duergar are stoic and hard-working, toiling under the gaze of Laduguer, their strict and unforgiving deity, in order to create wealth. They have a deep-seated grudge against other dwarven races due to their exile from their midst and legends stating that the rest of dwarvenkind abandoned the duergar to Illithid rule thousands of years ago.

Settings and sourcesEdit

Duergar have the ability to become invisible in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, where they dwell in the Underdark in cities such as Gracklstugh.

Creative originsEdit

The duergar are named for the dvergar of Norse mythology, who were the builders of Gleipnir. Interestingly the Duergar (folklore) are also Northumbrian dwarves associated with the Simonside Hills.


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