Dungeons & Dragons: The Fantasy Adventure Boardgame, released in 2002 by Parker Brothers, a division of Hasbro, is based on the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons by Wizards of the Coast, another division of Hasbro. The game has been distributed only in the European market, and though it has been successful enough to lead to two expansion packs so far the game is not scheduled for release in the US or other non European markets. It is not to be confused with the Dungeons & Dragons Basic Game (2004) which is available worldwide through Wizards of the Coast and is an introductory version of the role-playing game in a packaging similar to a board game.


The game is similar to a dungeon crawl from the game Dungeons & Dragons. However, there is no role-playing involved. Additionally, player characters are pre-generated and (similarly to 1st edition D&D) there are no non-weapon proficiencies. The quests are pre-determined in a booklet, but the middle page is featuring an empty map framework for those who wish to create their own (as in HeroQuest).


Each of the expansions requires the core game, but not each other, to play.

Forbidden Forest ExpansionEdit

Players have to enter the haunted woods to fight evil and find the mad druid Orwick and defeat him. Includes:

Eternal Winter ExpansionEdit

The battle continues in the frozen winter wastelands. Here, vicious creatures roam the icy landscape, hunting for unprotected prey. Includes:

  • A New Character to Play, the Barbarian Hero Morkahd
  • 6 new Level 3 adventures
  1. Aldkor Hovel
  2. Hall of the Wyrm
  3. Eyrie of Evil
  4. Skraethor's Lair
  5. Dragon Blood
  6. The End of the Curse
  • A 3D ice tower, adding an extra dimension to the gameplay
  • 8 new Monsters (1 x Ice Dragon, 2 x Goblin Marauder 3 x Winter wolf, 3 x Frost Salamander)
  • Roaming Monsters, who materialise in the wilderness, hungry to attack
  • 10 Wintery weapons and 6 spells -- and flight action!

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