"Dylann Roof" is a song that Moon Man's alter ego Shivers recorded for his EP Niggers 5ft. into the Dirt. The song celebrates Moon Man's hero and friend Dylann Roof.

Lyrics Edit

Dylann Roof is my hero He is reducing nigger minorities to a groundbreaking zero No nigger is safe from our wrath Get out of our path 'Cause Whites will always have the last laugh Niggers are growing extinct, just do the math Fuck off black snail, go back to Shits Creek Niggers have terrible flow, the shit's weak Shut the fuck up MLK, you shit freak All you nasty black cats reek Take a shower you gross orangutan Fuck, take a bath, you smell dank Shut up gabbing in your monkey chamber, you shit-breathing horse I will skullfuck you with force Niggers will be eliminated and beat like a course Of course you niggers are cancer Shooting you porchmonkeys is the only answer Shut up ur fascists, stop ruining our lives This isn't Ferguson anymore Confederates unite, we win every war Johnny Rebel help us break down niggers' doors And make them lick their own daughters' sweaty clits Toss every nigger baby into a hellfire pit Black toddlers suck my cock Suck it dry You know why? Because after I fuck your fat lips you will die Don't cry Me and Dylann Roof will show you the other side Where you can hide Dylann popping niggers like Zimmerman Making society a bit slimmer than Better than a nigger with a mock ten Suck my sock then Niggers go "bok bok," shut up then Ooga booga go back to Africa slave You aren't brave Get out of my cave Dirty nigger slave KKK for life We stab niggers with a knife Sit the fuck down Obama I fucked Michelle and your daughters While you cried for Sandy Hook Man I got that pussy shook Bury your head in the holy book Dylann will shoot you in church with that hook Baltimore riot again and play this song For I am a leader, and you shall obey me with a thong All niggers are wrong May they be gone, fuck off niggers Fuck off my coat I will cut you with my boat That's all she wrote Yours truly, the one and only Shivers the Nigger-Killer

"And I'm outta here... Roof!"