EMR is a psychological thriller written and directed by James Erskine and Danny McCullough. It was also the first film worldwide to have a simultaneous release.

Directed by James Erskine
Danny McCullough
Produced by John Lentaigne, Erskine, McCullough, George Calil
Written by James Erskine
Danny McCullough
Starring Adam Leese, George Calil, Guy Henry, Tom Hardy, Whitney Cummings
Music by Stuart Hancock
Cinematography John Halliday
Distributed by Dogwoof Pictures (UK), IOn New Media (Germany), Shiny Object (US)
Release date(s) 2005 / 2006
Running time 86 min
Country UK/USA
Language English
Budget £90,000 ($145,000)
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Making OfEdit

  • EMR was made on a shoestring budget of around £40,000 for the film shoot, despite this producers were able to shoot the film in both the USA and England. It was shot over approximately 25 days in 2003 and 2004 and subsequently edited over several months. When released by Dogwoof Pictures in 2005 it became the first film in the world to have a truly multi-platform release (albeit on a limited scale): being released in theatres, on DVD and over the internet.


Trapped in a depressing dead-end job and living alone with only his cat, Adam Jones (Adam Leese) spends all his free time obsessing over the latest conspiracy theories on the internet.

After Adam takes an experimental drug for his epilepsy manufactured by the Pfenal corporation, he begins suffering from seizures, black outs and terrifying visions - could he be caught up in his very own conspiracy theory? He turns to his mysterious internet confidant CyberBunnyLily (Whitney Cummings), who lives in San Francisco, for help and is now convinced that he is caught in a transatlantic conspiracy.

Finally, after attempting to free himself of his medication, Adam is confronted by two of the drug company's agents, only to find that the reality of his situation is far worse than his most paranoid ravings. Adam sets about trying to uncover the truth about the mysterious drug company Pfenal. The transatlantic connection seems ever more prominent in solving the mystery. Will he escape his torment and at what cost?


EMR was released simultaneously in movie theaters, on DVD and on the internet via Tiscali on July 16, 2005 by Dogwoof Pictures. This simultaneous release model has subsequently being followed by Bubble (film) in January 2006 which was also released on television. The release model is an important change for the future as it affects the traditional release model for movies with release windows protecting revenues for a film over set periods of cinema, DVD, television and other time windows.

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