Template:Coi El Jinn Walmaskoon (Arabic: الجن والمسكون), (English: The Jinn & the Haunted) is a 2010 documentary video released by Almas Productions, in association with Higher Colleges of Technology, Dubai Men's College - Applied Communications. The documentary discusses what people say about their experiences and their knowledge about The Jinn in the United Arab Emirates while exploring Jazeera Al Hamra (The Red Island) in Ras Al Khaima and other haunted places rumored by locals. The documentary relies on the Holy Quran with the Islamic prospective about The Jinn’s and their existence.

The documentary was written and directed by Saeed Salem Almas.

The full length documentary was released worldwide online on Youtube on May 24, 2010.

The documentary contained several scenes where two investigators sneaked illegally into rumored haunted palace which is owned by Al Qasimi family; therefore the documentary was rejected from many film festivals in the United Arab Emirates.

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