Elevating Entertainment Motion Pictures is a film production company based in Nashville, TN that is focused on producing, marketing and distributing uplifting, family-friendly, and life inspiring films. [1] The company was formed in 2007 by Grammy nominated and Dove Award winning artist/producer/songwriter Dave Moody and his son Josh Moody.

Filmography and Company History Edit

2010 Edit

Elevating Entertainment's second motion picture No Limit Kids: Much Ado About Middle School starring Bill Cobbs and Lee Meriwether, with Celeste Kellogg and Ashton Harrell is released by BMG in the US and Canada and by Moving Pictures Film and Television internationally. (See No Limit Kids) The film earned the Five Star Family Approved Seal from the Dove Foundation [2] and was honored as an Official Selection at the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival, San Francisco, CA by the Coalition for Quality Children's Entertainment. [3]

The company ventured into animated film production working in association with Buzzoose Productions with the 48 minute feature Elf Sparkle and the Special Red Dress. This film was produced by Beth Roose, directed by Ed Faulkner and Dave Moody, and features John de Lancie, Rob Schnieder, Catherine Hicks, Margaret O'Brien, Jon Walmsley and many other Hollywood veterans. [4]

2009 Edit

Elevating Entertainment's second feature length motion picture No Limit Kids: Much Ado About Middle School started production in March of 2009 in Mt Juliet, Franklin, Lebanon and Nashville, TN. [5]

2008 Edit

The company releases its first film Praise Band: The Movie starring George Hamilton IV, Adam Melton, and Dana Bryan. The film won "Best Musical Film" at the 2008 International Christian Film Festival in Irvine, California and "Best Premier Production" at the Sabaoth International Film Festival in Milan, Italy later that year. [6] The film is distributed in the US and Canada by BMG, and in Australia by Koorong. The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album is available on Lamon Records.

2007 Edit

Elevating Entertainment's entry into filmmaking came in early 2007 when Dave Moody was asked to compose and write the songs for Dog 'N Doggie Productions' musical feature entitled Stuck In The Past starring Eddie Mekka. The film won "Best Musical Film" at the Creation Arts Film Festival in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The company started production in Charlotte, NC of its first feature film Praise Band: The Movie in July of 2007.

References Edit

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