Emi Chusuk is a great musical composer from the Legends of Dune Series by Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson. Emi Chusuk is a prominent musician from the Old Empire. He life began and ended before the Time of Titans came to be. His music is complimented beside those of Brahms and Mozart. In the 1st book, The Butlerian Jihad, Erasmus, a thinking robot, attempts to woo Serena Butler, the daughter of the Viceroy, by playing what he calls "great music" on a piano in front of his slaves and Serena Butler. The music Erasmus composes matches the skill and talents as that of Chusuk's, but does not convey any feelings whatsoever. Serena Butler scolds Erasmus' music after the performance but he is confused. All the slaves cheered, causing him to think he played excellent music. Serena Butler then tells him that they would have complimented him anyway, since he is a cruel master and any respite from work for them is cause enough for them to be happy. Also, they, the slaves, have never heard any great musical works. Erasmus never understands...

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