Enigma Babylon One World Faith is a fictional world religion in the Left Behind series that ostensibly seeks to harmonise the remaining faiths on earth after the Rapture as portrayed in the novel.

During the period for a year and a half after the Rapture, where Christians were taken away from earth, Nicolae Carpathia rises to power. He begins to deal with the idea of a one-world religion with top officials in the Global Community. The "Global Community Faith" is established in the Vatican City after the Global Community was established in New Babylon. This new syncretistic, global religion accepts any religion and faith in the world, claiming equality. The "Global Community Faith" is quickly renamed "Enigma Babylon One World Faith" and Cardinal Peter Mathews is named Pontifex Maximus of Enigma Babylon One World Faith by Nicolae Carpathia.

Enigma Babylon's slogan is "God is in all. God is all. We are God." which appears to be reminiscent of pantheistic universalism.

Accoding to the faith's beliefs, any way to God is a valid way, and people can follow their "spirit guide", similar to Universalism. The scholars of Enigma Babylon say that they accept all of the sacred writings (the Bible, the Torah, the Qur'an, etc.), but they truly believe that many things in the holy books are symbolic or allegorical, misinterpretations or metaphors.

The world eagerly accepts the newly-formed world religion, but after the Global Gala (see Global Community), Enigma Babylon One World Faith is abolished and supplanted with "Carpathianism", a one-world religion worshiping Nicolae Carpathia himself, with Carpathia's majordomo Leon Fortunato as its Most High Reverend Father.

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