Series 5 was filmed simultaneously with series four.A fifth series of Escape From Scorpion Island will appear in early 2011,BBC have not confirmed the airdate as of yet.

  • 14 Adventures
  • 3 Elements
  • 1 Island

This time unlike the other previous series,there will be 4 teams-

Team Claw (wearing the black helmets),Team Sting (wearing orange helmets), Team Venom (wearing green helmets) and finally Team Fang (wearing pale blue helmets).And Also there's a twist ..... only one fortunate adventurer can only escape the island's clutches and return to civilisation.

This series will be hosted by none other but the two hosts that hosted Series 4 of Escape From Scorpion Island, Myleene Klass and Jhonny Pitt.~ T.D,11 yrs

Lists of ChallengesEdit

  • "The Podium Beneath"
  • "The Stepping Stones"
  • "Upper the Heights" (Similar to High Risk High Wire from Series 3)

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