Eshus (pronounced EE-shoo) are a kith from Changeling: The Dreaming, a role playing game made by White Wolf Game Studio. They embody the spirit of adventure, wandering the world in search of excitement. They are sometimes called "Princes of the Crossroads" by other kithain.

Members of this kith usually refer to themselves as the Elegbara, after the powerful, enigmatic Fae spirit Eshu Elegbara, who sought to teach humans and kithain alike through trickery, wit and wanderlust. According to their own folklore, the Eshu were the original lords of all lands, their authority based on wisdom and a deeper connection to cultures and lands rather than bloodlines or hierarchy. It was only later, after the contact with the aristocratic Sidhe, that they were restricted to the roads and the borders between lands.

Despite having names mostly hailing from Middle Eastern heritages, Eshu are a rather global lot: destined to travel the lands seking stories, adventures, and mortals to inspire, they can come from any ethnicity or walk of life.

Physically, Eshu are mostly lean and dusky-skinned, with colorations ranging from copper to black, and have gently pointed ears. Their most distinctive feature is their eyes, usually fully black and appearing to contain dozens of small flashing stars floating in their depths.

The Eshu's birthright is centered on their nature as rogues and taletellers. Nothing can prevent an Eshu from finding his way to a place or person, though the way there can be extremely convoluted and adventurous. They are also said to have perfect timing, arriving usually when they are most needed.

Their weakness is also related to this concept: Eshu have extreme difficulty in resisting dares and challenges. As long as the offer is not obviously malicious or impossible, most will go to great lengths to prove that a feat or dare is possible.

The kith is named after the orisha Eshu, with similarities between the entity's association and the kith's archetypical role.

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