"Eskimos" is a Christmas song that Moon Man recorded for A KKKhristmas KKKarol. It was produced by LLL. It is a parody of the classic Christmas song "Let It Snow". It is the first Moon Man song to target Eskimos.

Cloud Man performs the chorus of the song.

Lyrics Edit

Christmas is the time of giving So me and Cloudman will give some shit To the underappreciated of our world Subhumans

Oh I hate theme polar chink niggers so much Hope their eyes get ripped out by Sasquatch Wanna park a car on your parka-wearing ass Look like avant-garde bag of trash

[Cloudman] Eskimo Eskimo Eskimo

I hope you kiss a jew so your slant eye gets poked out Cover all your face so you can only see your stupid mouth Live in the Arctic, look and act like a dry-freeze beaner After looking at my fridge, I can say South Pole, been there

[Cloudman] Let the blood flow Let the blood flow Let the blood flow

You gonna get roundhouse kicked when I evict your igloos Say it's cold here so I'm gonna lit a TNT fuse Gonna freeze you to death like reverse hebrews You're clubing seals, the deal even sjw don't hotbot you feel Tall like elves, Satan's Little Helper The only good thing about you is that there is one per

Billion in the world only And that it's white where you live Lampoon you harder than getting hit by a harpoon You will be singing on a snow cloud with a harp soon

[Moonman & Cloudman] Let it snow Let it snow Let it snow

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