Ethan Black was a fictional character on the Australian soap opera Home and Away. He was played by actor Patrick Brammall.

Arrival in Summer Bay Edit

Ethan was the boyfriend of Kelli Vale, the younger sister of Amanda Baker. Kelli hds come to the Bay to destroy Amanda to pay Amanda back for the accident that badly injured her, while Amanda, who was driving, was barely harmed. Ethan assisted Kelli in her vengeful mission.

Kelli had already played on Amanda's and Peter's trust issues and managed to get Peter to propose to Amanda. Now that Peter and Amanda were engaged, Ethan could play his part.

Ethan met Amanda on the highway, when Amanda's car had broken down and he helped to fix it. He asked Amanda out for a date, but she refused saying she was engaged.

Ethan then turned up at Amanda's house as an employee of the catering company Kelli had hired to cater for Amanda's engagement party. He let it slip to Peter that he had asked Amanda out.

Peter, livid with his fiancee, confronted Amanda. They had a fight and Amanda left. She went to the Surf Club, where she met Ethan. She drank a lot and the next morning woke up with Ethan in bed!

Ethan took photos of them in bed and threatened to show them to Peter unless she did things for him like steal morphine from the hospital. Amanda obliged.

In following episodes, Ethan faked his own death only to return on Amanda's wedding day and expose the photos to Peter. Ethan continued to help Kelli to destroy the rest of Amanda's life. In the last episodes he discovered that Kelli was planning to pin the entire scheme on him. Amanda overheard this conversation, and as a result Kelli was arrested. Ethan's fate is unknown but it is likely that he gave evidence against Kelli to get revenge.

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