"Eugenics" is a Moon Man single produced by Malcolm Night and released to YouTube on September 2, 2015. It is a remix of "Mathematics" by Mos Def. It appears as track 2 on Singles: Volume 2. According to YouTube statistics, it is the most popular song produced by Malcolm Night. Later on his album, The Killing Moon, Moon Man re-recorded the song with several guests.

At the beginning of each of the two long verses in the song, Moon Man counts to ten through racist, antisemitic, and sexist rap verses. The song is filled with statistics that portray American blacks in a negative light, and with exhortations to exterminate them. Audrina Patridge appears in the chorus in a supportive role, and Sun Man has one repeated line, "What are we talking about here?"

In the breakdown of the middle of song plays a sample of the count-off at the beginning of "Woolly Bully" by Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs.

Lyrics Edit

Nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger Haha You know the deal It's me, Moonman The Killing Moon Supremo to all colored people Negros and latinos And even the hebrews

Yo, check it 1 for Adolf Hitler 2 for David Duke 3 for the Fourth Reich alive dropping nukes Five million dead kikes Or was it six? Seven decades later the number is still getting fixed I stand eight niggers up in a line Put them down with my nine Ten inches for the bitches, leave them feeling fine Your body your choice? Bullshit, it's mine Woman is the nigger of the world, put that down in your journal You're all chickens and I'm the Colonel It's blacker than midnight, the stench is infernal Hoodrats are slouching on every street corner It's a nationwide problem, prison isn't the answer Niggers reproduce more perniciously than cancer Talk too loud to ever hear freedom ring So I send them off to sleep, no chance to dream Of their trashy little bling, ch-pow, they're dead now I need more blood to graze the cash cow It's a number game but shit don't add up somehow Like we got 13% blacks but over 50% of the murder rate And you wonder why I hate? Like ten trillion spent on national defense over the last twenty years But the chimps are still here Like over half of America's largest cities are one-quarter black And that's where you find crack Sixteen ounces to a pound and twenty more to a ki A five-minute sentence hearing, another nigger off the streets One in three Americans own a gun So get out there and do what needs to be done You'll see Moonman was right, killing niggers is fun Rock your hardhat 'cause the demographics are under construction Killing hard niggers, large niggers, dice tumblers Young teens in prison greens facing life numbers Crack mothers, crack babies, and AIDS patients Sandniggers, spics, jews, and asians Fucking chimps don't know how to act You wanna know how to rhyme? Better learn to subtract It's eugenics

(The mighty Moonman) It's simple mathematics (Check it out) I revolve around science [What are we talking about here?]

(The mighty Moonman) It's simple mathematics (Check it out) I revolve around science [What are we talking about here?]

(Kill those niggers) (Kill those niggers) [What are we talking about here?]

Shut up nigger There's one Moon in the sky and I'm the Man Second to none Three K's for life, join the Klan Fourth grade White kids read better than adult blacks Who chimp out and chug fifths but can't check the facts There are six million ways to kill I'm in seventh heaven Eight days a week As I blast my nine mil It's 10pm, where the nigs at, what's the deal? Are my fellow Whites finally taking the red pill? Look around, no blacks to be found, we cleaned this 'hood out for good Time to find a new hunting ground The average American black IQ is 85 So why do we even keep them alive? The White unemployment rate is nearly more than triple for black That's why I put a gun in their back Eliminate crack, cut down on robbery Combat poverty, and stimulate the national economy Niggers don't make the world a better place I'm doing my part to save the White race Even when we throw them in prison, still livin', still costing us money This is truth I keep spittin' So get down to business, check the statistics Don't get mad, just get sadistic I spit sickkk, and all I need to read are figures Two columns for who is and who ain't niggers Only the White man is capable of real thought and feeling Time to stack dead coons floor to ceiling Where I buried that nigger out back, here's a secret There's a million other chimps underneath it It's just eugenics

(The mighty Moonman) It's simple mathematics (Check it out) I revolve around science [What are we talking about here?]

(The mighty Moonman) It's simple mathematics (Check it out) I revolve around science [What are we talking about here?]


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