This family tree for the comic character the Phantom is primarily based on the Scandinavian comic book version of the Phantom, which incorporates (but also differs from) the family tree in Lee Falk's Phantom comic strips.

Captain Christopher Walker
Gabrielle de Montmorency
The 1st Phantom
Donna Marabella
René de Montmorency (half brother)
The 2nd Phantom
Rosamunda Shakespeare
The 3rd Phantom
The 4th Phantom
The 5th Phantom
The 6th Phantom
Queen Natala of Navarre
Heloise of Hanta
The 7th Phantom
The 8th Phantom
Ingrid of Holstein
Flame Stanbury or Vhatta Khan
The 9th Phantom
The 10th Phantom
The 11th Phantom
Renata di Mascarelli
Unknown son
Marion Trelawney
The 12th Phantom
The 13th Phantom
Jeanette Lafitte or Vhatta Khan
Marie Claire
The 14th Phantom
The 15th Phantom
Juliet Adams
The 16th Phantom
Asta Jensen and/or Annie Morgan
Dr. Julie Colbert
Paul Colbert
Lady Kate Sommerset
The 17th Phantom
Mary Stillwell
Lord Christopher Sommerset
The 18th Phantom
Lara Collins
Kit Sommerset
Jane Cary
The 19th Phantom
Maude Thorne McPatrick
The 20th Phantom
The 21st Phantom
Diana Palmer
Kit Walker
Heloise Walker

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