Femigon (フェミゴン) is a fictional kaiju from the tokusatsu TV series, The Return of Ultraman. Femigon appeared in episode 47.

Subtitle: Will-o'-the-wisp Monster (人魂怪獣 Kaijuu Descandare?).

The Return Of Ultraman Edit

Stats Edit

His height is around 70 Meters tall. His weight it around 50,000 tons.

History Edit

Being the first alien to attack earth since Alien Nackle's invasion. Femigon first appeared at an industrial district at night, prompting MAT to arrive and fight the behemoth. During the attack, Femigon chose not to fight back and fled instead.

Later, Femigon returned and attacked an Oil Refinery, as well as took an offensive to MAT's efforts in stopping her by downing their jets with her fire. Goh transformed into Ultraman Jack, saving the MAT crew and then proceeded to fight Femigon. The battle was in favor of Jack's strength and resources until he was stabbed by Femigon's back spines, Femigon then attacked the wounded Jack by clapping onto his head with her jaws. Leaving Jack for death, Femigon tried to retreat to the sea, but Jack followed her into the ocean where the two resumed battling. After another long battle, Femigon tried to flee, but Jack used the Ultra Bracelet to obliterated the monster. From her body, an orb of light emerged and landed on shore as a young woman, whom was used as a host by Femigon to hide.

Ultraman Mebius Edit

This Monster reappeared in the series Ultraman Mebius.

Appearing one night and possessing a young woman named Misa, Femigon used Misa as her host to distract GUYS (particularly, Teppei) as she rampaged throughout an oil refinery as the monster. Fleeing at the sight of GUYS attacking her, Femigon received an injury on her arm that was also shown on her host's arm as well, exposing her identity. Now exposed, Femigon resumed attacking the Refinery until Ultraman Mebius arrived to fight Femigon. While Mebius had the advantage, he was forced to retreat after being distracted by Teppei's interference on "Misa's" behalf.

The following day, Teppei and Mirai eventually found a cure that could extract Misa from Femigon. That night as Femigon reappeared to attack the Refinery, Mebius returned but instead held off Femigon long enough for Teppei to use the weapon to separate Misa. Firing it at Femigon and weakening the monster, Mebius used the Mebium Beam to destroy Femigon and separate Misa at the same time.


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