"Feminist Slut" is a skit that appears on The Heist. In it, Moon Man is having sex with Audrina Patridge, and she starts talking dirty. When he picks up on her cue and calls her a slut, she gets triggered and flies into full feminazi mode.

Lyrics Edit

[Audrina] Oh yeah. Harder Moonman. Shave your large mooncock inside my pussy. Oh oh oh oh oh. Harder  daddy. Deeper ohhhh.

You like it you slut do you.

[Audrina] Did you just call me a fucking slut?

Wait no.

[Audrina] You fucking white pigs are idiots. All of you fucking men are disgusting, and all of you are assholes.


[Audrina] No. No fucking buts, or waits. Fuck you Moonman. Sexist piece of shit. This is over. I hope all white men can fucking die.


[door slam]

Fucking bitch.

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