Trade Wars Ship
Ferrengi Scorpion
Basic hold cost: N/A
Main drive cost: N/A
Computer cost: N/A
Ship hull cost: N/A
Ship base cost: N/A
Maximum figs per attack: Unknown
Maximum holds: Unknown
Initial holds: Unknown
Maximum fighters: Unknown
Turns per warp: Unknown
Mine maximum: Unknown
Genesis maximum: Unknown
TransWarp drive: Yes
Transport range: Unknown
Maximum shields: Unknown
Offensive odds: Unknown
Defensive odds: Unknown
Beacon maximum: Unknown
Long-range scanner: Unknown
Planet scanner: Unknown
Photon missiles: Unknown
Trading efficiency factor: Unknown
Safety rating: Unknown
Total cost: N/A

The Ferrengi Scorpion is the most powerful Ferrengi ship in the fictional TradeWars 2002 universe. It cannot be bought at Stardock. Little is known about the ship, other than that it does have a TransWarp drive.

Ferrengi OverlordEdit

There is usually only one Scorpion in any given TW2002 universe. The ship, named Venom, is piloted by the Ferrengi Overlord, Kvir Rylach. He randomly wanders the galaxy, raiding players' sectors and "disrupting" fighters and mines by converting them to Ferrengi fighters and mines.

Capturing the ScorpionEdit

Rumors have circulated that it is possible to capture the Scorpion with the Ferrengi Dreadnaught, although others claim that it is completely impossible to capture the Scorpion. Any photon missile attack against it will backfire against the player, causing him to lose all his turns. Apparently the only way to capture the Scorpion is track him down by laying a large field of toll fighters, rushing to his location when he disrupts a fighter, using a fully-loaded Interdictor Cruiser to prevent the ship from leaving, and then having a teammate attack with a Dreadnaught.


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