Dungeons & Dragons creature
Alignment True Neutral
Type Giant
Source books 3.5E Monster Manual II, 3E Monster Manual 1, Monstrous Compendium Annual 1, 2E Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
First appearance
Image image

In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the firbolg is a giant. A firbolg is a reclusive giant that prefers to avoid contact with other sentient races. Amongst their own kind, they live in colonies, which are usually found in forests or caverns and watched by guard towers. Although they do farm, they prefer a more hunter-gatherer lifestyle, rather than the brigand/raider lifestyle of many other giants.

A firbolg is usually neutral in alignment. Firbolgs resemble humans, and men sport great, thick beards. Their skin is pink, and their hair, though it comes in many colors, is usually either red or blonde.

Firbolgs primarily worship the goddess Hiatea.


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