"Fire on the Moon" is a Moon Man song that was recorded for the White AmeriKKKa album..

Lyrics Edit

Hello, it's Moonman About to drop this beat

The blacks No one can trust them They smell like ass And they live in pens Just like hens And the jews Yeah they live my attic It's almost sematic How I gas them It makes me ecstatic Just how they think they will live But they won't

Because they are jews And they lose To my gun It's a big one Oh yeah And the arabs Holy shit Their breath stinks Really bad Almost as bad as the blacks Just kidding Nothing is as bad as the monkeys

Besides a multiple of them Disgusting I should be dusting my AK But for now I'm 420 blunting these shits in the ground That's right No blacks tonight Only Mac Tonight Fuck that Burger King shit

Only cock-juggling thundercunts go there Did you hear? Niggers are like Anne Frank's drum kit They are useless I can't stand those gutter sluts So I shoot them with my slug Shot, preferably in the face Because I am the master race

Outrightly White I hate parasites With an appetite to ignite The dynamite of a thousand kikes Yeah, fucking cunts What a stunt Thinking you won't be hunted You're wrong all night long Live long? Fucking no Ill lynch you tonight

Mac Tonight No more mastodons Fucking necrophiliacs There is going to be an attack On the blacks Or any other race that thinks they are equal So fuck them No one needs them They waste my oxygen And the Aryans', my friends

We will live in pride While you commie faggots die In my chamber of gas Haha, fucking normies Fucking fags End your lives or I'll do it for you Fucking jews I hate you Ill throw my shoe at your head And you'll be dead At last Me and my boy Blaze are out

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