Firkraag the dragon.

Firkraag is a fictional character in the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn computer role-playing game by Bioware, set in the Forgotten Realms universe of Dungeons & Dragons. He is a giant red dragon, who serves as one of the many antagonists the player will engage throughout the game. He resides in Windspear Hills, a mountainous region near the eastern coast of Amn.

Role within Baldurs Gate II Edit

At the beginning of Baldurs Gate II, Firkraag has taken a human form and is dressed as a simple lord under the name of Lord Jierdan. He is standing in the Copper Coronet inn, looking for someone to eliminate some monsters that have been terrorizing the Windspear Hills, a task for which he offers a reward of 10,000 gold. Should one choose to accept his quest, Windspear Hills becomes a landmark on the map. When the protagonist arrives at Windspear Hills, he is confronted by a group of ogres and other monsters. Unknown to the protagonist, these "ogres" are in fact knights disguised by an illusion. After defeating the ogres the protagonist is approached by Garren Windspear, the Windspear Hills's ranger.

Garren Windspear tells the protagonist that he has been tricked by Firkraag into killing the knights (one of whom was Ajantis, a character who traveled with the protagonist in Baldur's Gate). Shortly thereafter, the son or daughter (depending on the main character's gender) of Garren Windspear is kidnapped and a message arrives from Firkraag. The message is a challenge, asking the protagonist to come to Firkraag's lair to meet him.

His interest in the main character is due to Firkraag's previous experiences with Gorion, the foster father of the main character. As Gorion is now dead, Firkraag seeks vengeance on the protagonist. In the end he allows protagonist to live, saying that he has grown bored. It is possible to rescue the child of Garren Windspear by killing the mage who has the key, without fighting Firkraag himself. Firkraag may thereafter be killed at any time by the player character and his party, and doing so one of the quests associated with the paladin stronghold.

Trivia Edit

If one right-clicks on Firkraag, he says "oh bother", which is one of the catchphrases of Winnie the Pooh, who, like Firkraag, is voiced by Jim Cummings.

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