The "First Racist Rant" is a popular poem/rant that Moon Man released during the classic era of his rap career. It later appeared as the 6th track on the mixtape Notorious KKK.

The rant is mostly antisemitic but also targets "chinks, gooks, spics, and spooks". Moon Man would later re-use one of the jewish jokes, the one about free air, on the World's Shortest Moon Man Album.

Lyrics Edit

KKK, KKK, KKK Come on, White man Stop talking crap from all those conniving kikes If you don't, they'll jew you to death Wake up, White AmeriKKKa Smelly, dumb beaner scum Nobody wants, nobody likes Kikes, kikes, kikes Boy, those kikes would sure be lost Without their phony Holocaust Chinks, gooks, spics, and spooks Are having loads of fun They swarm into a neighborhood And watch ol' Whitey run Fight back, White man Free yourself from the spell of the kike conjuror Your survival is at stake Voice like a catfight, ugly as puke Who could ever marry a female gook? Coon, coon, black baboon Brutal, worthless, thieving goon With jews, you lose Why do jews have such big noses? Because all the air is free What is a jew's biggest dilemma? Free pork What is faster than a speeding bullet? A jew with a coupon Around blacks, never relax Never forget, White man The Zionist jew is working around the clock to destroy you

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