"Flips Up" is a Moon Man song that he recorded for WhiteTopia but that ultimately was unreleased. It is a remix of "X" by Xzibit. The song later appeared on KKKingpin.

Lyrics Edit

This is just another bombtrack by who? Mother fucking Moonman Let's kick it

Ripping nigger heads off From the weed I smoke I cough It's hard to breathe Nigger begging me for mercy

Herpes Smacking a nigger ho And pissing off that feminist bitch Angry Joe

It's Moonman on the track Not giving a fuck and killing niggers like crack Give me one, give me two, give me three, give me Anita, and I hit it like a G

So sweet Who's the real OG Who? Me That's right baby

Moonman is back in town Rolling it down Not giving a fuck About the feminists who frown

Upon me, because this is what I wanna be Something so fresh it needs to be set free Triple K Mafia Capping blacks whenever we see ya

Bang bang pow Rolling over those ching-chongs over at Chinatown Sure, I like to hit some asian tail But you know that when Moonman goes onstage, nothing fails

Yeah, just the way I like it Outsmarting those negroes as they be thinking I'm psychic Who needs who? Who knows who? What the fuck you gonna do?

Capping both negroes and jews It's like a zoo Don't like it? Fucking sue me

I don't give a fuck You faggots never knew me So let's set this track free Yeah

I'm the real motherfucking G Every black better duck for cover when they see me Rolling by in my fancy car You ain't never seen a Moon who went this far

But you might say

[random guy] Moonman, Moonman, why are you so mean? Is this really who you want to be? Can't you at least try to see Humans are all meant to be free Have a heart We never really meant for things to go this far Why do you always his those poor blacks with your car? What have they ever done? Why do you want them all gone?

Alright, let's see here

Point A: They think gang violence is great Point B: They stole my weed Point C: They should have never been let free Point D: Fried Chicken is all they eat

They're a bunch of stupid fucking apes who think That they can chase our women and always resort to rape What kind of a world would it be, what? All blacks should immediately be shot

Triple K

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