"Flyers" is a Moon Man single that was produced by Sonicbyfar7x. It is a remix of "Flyers" by Bradio. It appears on Singles: Volume 3.

Lyrics Edit

KKK, KKK Killing niggers, yeah Blacks should go starve in Africa OKKK

Donald Trump is pretty alright, but only because he's White If he were a nigger, I'd hang him from a tree And impale him with my massive mooncock I would throw those spics off the new Trump Wall like paper airplanes

Boom boom boom, lynching blacks all day You can tell they're black because of their skin color Boom boom boom, heil the Third Reich Get ready you porchmonkeys, yeah

All the niggers put your hands up It's time to slay you all now Decapitate them and put their heads in a feminist's anus Nazis were the best

All the niggers put your hands up It's time to slay you all now Pitch a burning cross Then torch those niggers to a crisp

Niggers Raping them Niggers Slaying them You know that Moonman will annihilate them all

Why did fuck did those weeaboos ask me to sing this song? Never trusting a chink ever again


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