Frances McGuigan
Fair City
Occupation Nun

Sister Frances McGuigan is a character on the fictional soap opera Fair City on RTE.

Frances McGuiganEdit

Frances was a nun in Africa. She became quite friendly with a family over there. One day Francis saw as troops approached the family and shot them all dead. It left her scarred and made her return to Ireland to find her long lost sister.


Frances entered the show as Tracy McGuigan's sister. She first met drunk Dominic Kavanagh, her sisters fiancee. Frances attended the wedding the next day and finally met her sister. Tracey and Dominic then go on their honeymoon but quickly come back after Frances is rushed to hospital. Frances then comes clean to Tracey about her history in Africa. It brings them closer together. Frances manages to get a job waitressing tables at The Bistro and gets her own flat. She becomes lonely so gets a puppy. But this is against her lease and Lauren McAleer forces her to get rid of it. Frances even has a romance with a workman, Peader who comes in to the Bistro, but he leaves her when he finds out about her past. Frances then goes to get counseling.


In March 2008, Sadie is employed in the Bistro. She quickly becomes friends with Frances. Sadie becomes curious about the Agony Aunt section of the newspaper and sends a letter to it. Unbeknownst to her, the Agony Aunt is Tracey. Tracey receives a letter asking what to do if a woman is in an abusive relationship. Tracey is unsure how to answer the letter and voices her concerns to Frances. They piece together the information and discover the abused woman is Sadie. Frances tries to help her but only makes matters worse. Sadie then turns up at Frances' flat asking to stay. Frances covers for Sadie at work and tries to keep Sadie's fiancee Eamonn away. However the two characters ended up disappearing and no conclusion to the story was ever seen.


In May 2008, Peader returned to Carrigstown and told Frances that he loved her. Frances was pleased but later told Tracey that she's never had sex. Peader proposed to Frances that night and she accepted. They later made love. The next day, Frances was horrified to learn that Peader used to frequently visit escorts and prostitutes. She kicked him out and sought comfort in Tracey. Tracey later told Frances that she was once a prostitute. Frances locked herself in her flat and wouldn't let Tracey or Peadar in. When she finally let Tracey in, Tracey snapped at her for leaving her with their abusive father at a young age. Frances eventually forgave her sister. She also forgave Peadar but told him that she doesn't love him. Peader understood and left Carrigstown.Frances then returned to africa.

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