Fresh White: The Greatest Hits is a Moon Man mixtape compiled by Spyro and released on 4/20 in 2016 (Hitler's birthday). In addition to fourteen of Moon Man's most popular songs, it also includes Moonman - The Video Collection, a Notorious KKK Development Kit, and a bonus album called Spyro's Greatest Hits.

Tracklisting Edit

Fresh White: The Greatest Hits Edit

Track # Title
1 Notorious KKK
2 Feminists
3 Killing Niggers
4 Fresh White
5 Lynching Niggers
6 Ferguson
7 Feminists 2.0
8 Niggerstein
9 Black Lives (Don't) Matter
10 Changes
12 Crank Dat
13 Lose Yourself
14 Black Lives Still Don't Matter

Moonman - The Video Collection Edit

Black People React To Moonman
Hurt Your Feel MUSIC VIDEO
Killing Niggers MUSIC VIDEO
Moonman and Friends - Episode 2

Notorious KKK Development Kit Edit

Notorious KKK (Acapella)
Notorious KKK (Instrumental)

Spyro's Greatest Hits Edit

Track # Title
1 (Over) 99 Niggers
2 Killing In The Name Of KKK
3 Niggers Get Shot
4 The Killer
5 All Moon
6 I Kill Niggers
7 Fuck Asia
8 Worthless Nigger
9 Survival Of The Whitest
10 Ghetto Destroyer
11 Moonman's Listening
12 Moon Day (WhiteTopian Idiot)
13 Filthy Fuck
14 Faggot
15 Abbo Freestyle (Instrumental)
16 One Step Closer (Acapella)

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