"Fuck Emos Wrist Violins" is an anti-emo song that Moon Man recorded for his King Nigger Killer EP. His cousin Leeroy also has one line in the song.

Lyrics Edit

It's Moonman, talking 'bout some real shit You see I see the emos everywhere I go And lord only knows through how much pain the emo goes So I have some advice, think of it as something nice Because I just want emos to know

Just pick yourself up, let you inner self erupt And start to cut Cut to the bone Cut because you will forever be alone Cut

[Leeroy] Till I hear your death moan

Now I know that you're triggered But let me make the picture a little bigger Because emo children will be our gravediggers The poison they promote will bear children without scrotes And niggers will own the world with a personal White in every tote So can't you see? The only way for our perfect world to be Is for every emo body to get tossed in a moat

So please emo, blow your brains out, why? So your ejecting eyes can see the surprise inside Drink bleach, rleach Upwards as your body swings from a noose As you die and seize up, you'll probably take a deuce Go say "nigger" in the ghetto Try to kill a cop with a stiletto I don't care, I just wish the emos would fry So the moral of the story is: Emo, just die