"Fuck The Church" is a Moon Man song that attacks the Catholic Church. It was recorded for WhiteTopia, and it also appears on The Ultimate Collection - Part 2.

Lyrics Edit

Fuck it Rolling up by the street, I see Another child in dangers who needs who? Me Sick fuck claiming to be a saint With lies smothered all over himself like wet paint Is there any point in what I do? Because the only one who ever fucking listens should be you But then why do I end up on the news For rapping and ranting about killing the jews? When a grown man can fuck a little boy Like a personal lubed-up sex toy It's a fucking miracle that all of you all spit at me For the shit you failed to see While the church gets away with it scot-free Are you kidding me? You don't want to see Rapping about killing negroes is all you people hate about me While you have priests watching little kids pee Fuck you all, I'm so fucking done Now kick back, relax, and chill as I get my gun

Yo, catch any laying it into people who like me Then ripping into me for who I really tried to be It's a fucking hypocrisy Keep the catholics but get rid of me Is this what you all failed to see? Another catastrophe that isn't as bad as me Who the hell are you trying to deceive? I'll show you how it works, it's for free

So my rhymes are racist, fucking sue me I'll be going down on the judge like that dyke Judge Judy And there isn't a single thing you can do Now let the Moon rip it in straight to you Oh father, I've got a sin to confess My life has turned into one big mess I guess I'll leave it to God to sort out the rest No fuck that, even you didn't pass the test You wanna tell me I'm not pure You're so sure That touching the altar boys who then make noise To the big good judge But she is too busy sucking the so-called god's fudge I've never been a believer But what's the difference between a catholic and a Justin Bieber belieber? Nothing, missing, confessing, and tripping If you think I'm done laying down to ya throughout this track Then you need to watch your perfect back I'm not a role model, sure But at least I haven't got a hard-on for kids, you claim to be oh so pure You wanna play innocent Even though you've got a tax-exempt self-entitlement Mic drop

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