"Fuck Whores" is a Moon Man single produced by MoonMan Official Rapper 2k15 and released to youtube on July 7, 2015. The song is a diss track toward the deceased Amanda Todd, who committed suicide at age 15 after being bullied online. Audrina Patridge plays the role of Amanda Todd in the song.

This song was released on the Miscellaneous compilation album.

Lyrics Edit

Suicide Suicide Suicide Amanda Todd's crucify cyanide cry and hide go take some pills and die. Suicide All you emo fags cut yourself And I wanna stick my dick inside Drink bleach you stupid as cunt Hide your blades under your pillow Take the rope and shoot yourself with that bow OLOLOL Laugh

Amanda Todd deserved to die Damn she showed the internet her cream pie It was funny the way she cut her wrist Oh what a shame her suicide was missed Drink more bleach you stupid whore I don't want to hear you screaming for more Next time you release more porn Be sure to show me your pussy all torn Suicide is the best option

["Amanda Todd"] Hey don't make fun of all my hot nudes All these old hot men buying my pussy like its their only food I don't understand why they can't just stop transfering my pics Everyone keeps trying to send me their large dicks. My cuts are bigger than all of your old man cocks. I even tried to kill myself with those things on my lawn called rocks I never go outside so I'm white as cum No I won't finger your bum With all this pain I tried to get help from my mum But now all you guys are spamming me with pics of your K K Kum I preform too many shows online to ever get laid Why can't all these pics get me paid

Suicide Your death was the funniest thing to ever happen I heard when everyone watched your shows the only sound was slappen Niggers aren't as pathetic as you. Even though they literally look like poo Next time you try to kill yourself drink some bleach Maybe then that climax you will reach All those pictures of you so wet Bitch come here and be my pet You're a fucking whore you dirty cunt Now let me stick my moon cock in and give you the brunt.

Thanks for listening to my new song about that stupid whore Amanda Todd Too bad I fucked her with my big moon rod KKK Chant & OLOLOL Laugh

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