"Full Orbit" is the opening song on the White Power EP. In it, Moon Man focuses mostly on insulting niggers (comparing them in one instance to a Pepe high on acid) but also namedrops mudskins.

Lyrics Edit

Moon Man on this track to express the wrath Of a Moon in full orbit with the right of free speech To hate a nigger as much as I please To want to gas a mudskin and a nigger And express it in a song The only thing you've ever crossed is the border, you spics I'll fuck your mom, your bitch, and your unknown sisters Just to give them STDs from this big moondick Without a condom on Get bent you spearchucking niggers The day I respect your race Is the day I stop going in full orbit against you niggers You can try to stop me But you know you can't If you can't even stop your daughters from getting pregnant You think you watermelon-sucking fried-chicken-eating And Kool-Aid-drinking niggers can go against me? The Moon mascot for Mickey D's gonna sock a nigger Who goes against me Go deal your drugs in Africa And while you're at it you can just ooga-booga there too I'm in full orbit If niggers think they can come at me without getting fucked up They got another thing coming Do I sound like I give a fuck about your hood gangster life? Moon Man's still hating niggers And is still in full orbit against these niggers

I wonder what a Pepe looks like when it's tweaked out of its mind High on acid Let's experiment If you're a nigger, take a look in a mirror And see the uncanny resemblance And if you're White As long as you've seen at least ten niggers You know you've seen how that looks like Yeah, i just said you look like an internet meme That also turns out to be a frog But you smell like the shit that gets shit out of your ass When you take a shit How about you just sit down and think about what I just said And how true it is And come to a realization That Moon Man has always been right in his songs As long as we have the Triple K Mafia We know I will always be in full orbit Peace

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